Instagram hits 80 million users

Instagram has grown massively since it was purchased by Facebook. Facebook dropped $1 billion to pick up Instagram. I'm sure a lot of people wondered if Facebook would help Instagram grow or hurt the application. Instagram has now reported some statistics since it was purchased by Facebook, and use of the application has grown significantly.

Back in May of 2012, Instagram had 50 million users. This week Instagram announced that it has 80 million users, adding 30 million users to the service since May. That is a massive increase in roughly 2.5 months. Instagram also noted that users had shared almost 4 billion photos so far.

Early in its life back in October of 2010, Instagram had 100,000 users. Two months later in December of 2010, the photography application hit 1 million users. A year later in December of 2011, Instagram had 14 million users, and five months later the service boasted 50 million users. The use of Instagram is growing very rapidly.

[via TheNextWeb]