Instagram has five new filters, slight layout change

Twitter, in an attempt to make themselves a bit more like Instagram, recently introduced photo filters. Those filters struck an eerie resemblance to Instagram's, which is now challenging Twitter with regard to user metrics. If we're playing the photo filter tit-for-tat, Instagram just took their turn, and has introduced five new looks for your photos. With so many filters, Instagram is also altering how you access them, and letting you re-arrange how they're ordered. If you're curious what the new filters are all about, keep reading.

Five filters — Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden, and Perpetua — all make a home in the Instagram app, and all have their own twist. With the lot, it seems making colors either pop or muting them is the aim. We'll let you judge them for yourself.

Instagram is also making previews a bit different. Whereas you'd once see a view of your picture filtered in a thumbnail, you'll now see a blurry preview. The aim seems to be speed; you'd possibly pick a filter based on what the blurred pic showed you it would do rather than cycling through them all, obsessing about the details.

With all these filters, you'll also get the opportunity to re-organize them. Instagram has added a "manage" button to your filter tray, which lets you re-organize them to get to your favorite filters first.

Again, Instagram feels like it's been built for speed, now.

The new filters come via an update, which has already rolled out for both Android and iOS. If you're into Instagram, you'll probably love this update.

Source: Instagram