Instagram for Android has a new edit screen

If you use Instagram on Android, you may be seeing a new edit screen that speeds up the sharing process (and if you're not, try updating the app – some users have had luck doing this). Some users are seeing a new so-called quick edit screen that reduces the editing and sharing process to a single screen. The screen allows those who want the more expansive process to use it, but for everyone else, filtering is reduced to swiping right and left.

If you're familiar with the Instagram app, you'll find that the quick edit screen is very similar to the previous editing process, only condensed. The image is shown at the top of the app, and filters are quickly applied by swiping right and left through the options.

If you need a little more than that, though, you can click the "Edit" button. A location and caption can both be added via the same screen, and at the bottom are the sharing location options. Tagging can be done via the new screen, too, using the "Tag" button.

It is, in the grand scheme of things, a small change, but one that improves the ease of use. The update appears to be quiet one, though, and it isn't clear if all users have access to it, nor whether any changes are coming to the iOS app.

SOURCE: Droid-Life