Insignia Infocast gets browser with creator's blessing

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With chumby founder Andrew "bunny" Huang actually giving instructions on how to hack Best Buy's 8-inch Insignia Infocast "internet media display," it comes as little surprise that someone has taken him up on the invitation.  chumby forum member Ken has got a WebKit-based browser running, together with a USB keyboard and touchscreen support, basically turning the Infocast into a (mains powered) tablet.

Instructions on how to do it yourself are here, and for the lazy – or confused – there's a simple prebuilt file that can be loaded via a USB stick.  Apparently other people are working on porting a full Android installation over to the Infocast's 800MHz ARM processor; not bad when you consider it costs just $169.99.

[via Teleread, via Wired and via Bunny's Blog]