Insiders tip Nintendo Switch supply boost imminent

Coronavirus quarantine and global pandemic for COVID-19 meant Nintendo Swich units sold in high numbers early this year, here in 2020. Now a report from Osaka / Kyoto Japan suggests that Nintendo has ordered a rise in output from producers of the hardware. Parts suppliers informed of the plans have reported that Nintendo expects to produce approximately 10% more units of "the Switch series" in 2020, over the around 20 million units sold last year.

It's not entirely clear, based on the Nikkei report, whether the Nintendo order to increase production on the Switch is due to supply shortage or the temporary halt in shipping due to COVID-19. In any case, it would appear that the Nintendo Switch hardware – be it the original or the Nintendo Switch Lite – will soon be easier to find and purchase, at least in Japan.

What's interesting about the 10% boost metric is the conflicting supply numbers also reported by Nikkei in the same article this morning. Some parts suppliers, wrote Nikkei, "apparently have received orders for April-June that are more than 50% larger than originally planned."

Per an "industry source" this morning "there are signs procurement is being moved forward to deal with the disruptions in the supply chains." This could also simply mean that the suppliers in areas that are on lock-down due to coronavirus quarantine are being replaced by suppliers in alternate regions.

Nintendo halted Japan-based shipments for the Nintendo Switch on April 7, and revealed on April 14 that deliveries will resume in the region soon. That's expected to happen in late April or early May. Those who'd preordered a Nintendo Switch from the Nintendo official website store were given priority for the last shipments before temporary shutdown, and will likely see faster shipment once shipments resume.

Nintendo and gaming partners initiated a number of "Spring Sales" over the last couple of weeks for people that already owned a Nintendo Switch and were stuck at home on quarantine. These are outlined in part in our timeline of links below – and may still be active in the Nintendo store on the Switch right this minute.