Insider Talk: Ticket to Ride for iPad

We're here at Showstoppers during the CES 2012 events in Las Vegas Nevada where we've spoken with Mark Kaufmann co-founder and VP of marketing for Days of Wonder, a group touting their board game cum iPad game Ticket to Ride. This game comes at things a little bit backwards – the group having worked with mobile games several years ago, quitting to work with board games. What they've done here is to get back into the art of mobile with this game which is able to jump above the one platform to the mighty, mighty iPad.

There are several versions of this game out now, the one we're seeing here made specifically for iPad — there's also a non-mobile version and an iPhone version on the market today. Destinations are your goal and collecting cards is how you're going to make it work. Have a peek at our interview with the main man, Mark Kaufman to get a bit more information on what it's all about.

Also have a peek as we go hands-on with the game as its release for iPad right this minute. You can grab this game from the Apple iTunes App Store today over at the app store itself for a mere $6.99. Grab it instantly! Then check out the rest of our Insider Talks at Showstoppers during CES 2012 by hitting up our [Insider Talk portal]