Insect Vacuum – It sucks big time…literally

Satsuki Then - Aug 24, 2007
Insect Vacuum – It sucks big time…literally

I always thought bugs and insect zapper was a crazy idea, and as of today that opinion of mine is off the table. Introducing the “insect vacuum”, a small gun-like mini vacuum that sucks up insects. The catch is you have to be within the range of its sucking power, which is around one to two inches.

It is pretty useless in my opinion since insect and flies don’t stay still for you to catch them. Smacking them with your hand would probably give you better chance of taking them down.

This weird gizmo can be found at Akihabara (the electronic mega shopping district in Japan) and it cost around 2,398 Yen or $25.

Pneumatic Insect Vacuum (Also) Sucks [via ohGizmo]

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