inPulse BlackBerry Bluetooth smartwatch breaks cover

After rumors earlier this year about a BlackBerry Bluetooth watch, now CrackBerry have managed to acquire some renders of what's tipped to be the wrist-worn peripheral itself.  Believed to be called the inPulse, the watch won't be made by or for RIM and won't carry the BlackBerry logo, but it will be designed especially to work with the messaging-friendly smartphones.

As for functionality, there's an OLED display which CrackBerry have been told is "big, bright and beautiful" and the frugality of which amounts to lengthy battery life for the watch.  Notifications and previews are shown on the color display, though there's no provision to reply to emails; instead, you're expected to check whether new messages are important enough to whip out your BlackBerry or leave it until you're back at the office.

It's all the handiwork of what's described as a new BlackBerry-dedicated accessory company, not RIM themselves, and right now there's no word on pricing or specific release dates.  Nor do we know whether RIM or the manufacturers will be opening up the API so that third-party apps can also send notifications to the inPulse smartwatch.