InGrid DIY monitored security gets IP cameras & GPRS backup

Chris Davies - Jul 1, 2008

In the months since we last wrote about InGrid’s DIY monitored security system, I’ve neither been burgled nor vigorously fleeced across the cobbles; however home security does remain close to my anxious heart.  The company has now updated their range with a number of accessory units ideal for the perpetually paranoid, spanning from live-view IP cameras, through flood detectors and all the way to cellular gateways should felons cut your ADSL.

InGrid security system

The basic InGrid system hooks up to your broadband (for monitoring via Guardian Protection Services) and offers a number of wireless sensors and remote controls (that double as cordless phones).  The new components include a siren detector, which alerts Guardian if any of your smoke or carbon monoxide alarms are triggered, temperature and flood detectors, and the HomeView Camera which allows you to remotely view your house via a secure webpage.

Finally, the cellular gateway ensures there’s a GSM/GPRS backup in case your broadband goes down, presumably with a battery to keep the system functional even in the case of a power cut.  That hooks up into the new Mobile My InGrid setup, which is specially formatted to monitor the system from a web-enabled cellphone.  No word if the HomeView Camera footage can be streamed to a mobile, though.

InGrid will sell you the HomeView Camera for $129.99, the siren detector for $49.99 and the temperature/water sensor for $59.99.  It’s all available now.

[via Electronic House]

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