Infinity Ward ban hammers 1,600 MW3 cheaters

If you are a big fan of the Modern Warfare 3 game and play online, you have probably noticed that there are a bunch of people paying the game that cheat. Cheaters never win, even if they do on occasion pwn the legit players in the online gaming world. The cheating has caught up to 1,600 people that play MW3.

The bans were handed out to gamers that had found glitches in the game and were taking advantage of them to beat other players. The tip that gamer had been banned came from a tweet from Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling. He called out the number of bans so far and says that an update to fix the glitches is in the works.

Bowling also called on gamers to continue to report those that are cheating. The update is apparently in the works for both console and PC versions of the game with bans being handed out to PC players as well. MW3 is hugely popular with $775 million in copies sold in the first five days.

[via ComputerandVideo]