Modern Warfare 3 sells record $775 million in 5 days

Modern Warfare 3, the latest game title in the Call of Duty franchise from Activision, has set a new sales record, selling more than $775 million worth of copies in the first five days. Not only does this figure crush rival EA's Battlefield 3, which had set a record of its own, but it has also managed to outsell all entertainment records including major movie titles.

The game's day one sales already set a record with more than $400 million worth of retail sales, surpassing its Black Ops release last year, which debuted selling $360 million. At this rate, Modern Warfare 3 would certainly hit the billion-dollar mark, with the entire franchise having already exceeded $6 billion in revenue overall.

Activision's Call of Duty titles continue to crush the competition although EA really stepped it up with its Battlefield 3 title that came out last month. Battlefield 3 grossed more than $300 million in its first week. Although less than half of what Activision scored with Modern Warfare 3, it is nonetheless EA's fastest selling title in the company's 29-year history.

[via TechCrunch]