Infiniti Teases Sebastian Vettel-inspired FX50 in pre-Frankfurt motor show video

Chris Burns - Aug 29, 2011
Infiniti Teases Sebastian Vettel-inspired FX50 in pre-Frankfurt motor show video

Well would you look at that – the wind in our hair isn’t even all the way washed and Infiniti, whom we saw reveal several lovely concepts at Pebble Beach, has come correct with a teaser video for what appears very much to be the Sebastian Vettel-inspired FX50. Red Bull Racing has star driver Sebastian Vettel at the helm here, Infiniti working with him and the team to bring forth a masterpiece of F1-racing top gear inspired bit of concept vehicle for the general public. You’re certainly welcome to draw your own conclusions on what this video could really be pointing towards, but we’ve got a guess that you’re likely to agree with.

In the video below you’ll find racer Sebastian Vettel, mastermind Infiniti design chief Shiro Nakamura, and a sea of flashbulbs. Most of the video is thankfully the two main men here speaking on what’s inspiring between their two worlds, the current F1 champion sharing a few tips and laughs with one of the world’s most innovative minds, Nakamura. See if you can guess what they’re speaking about before the video is over:

Now the vehicle they’re MORE than likely speaking about is the Infiniti FX50 Vettel edition, expected to be shown formally at the Frankfurt motor show in September 15-22. It was chosen and modified by Red Bull racing’s hero driver, it being quite the looker for a racecar-inspired version of a four-door. There’s a 20-button steering wheel, LED fog lights, likely carbon fiber all around, oversized Infiniti wheels in charcoal gray and wrapped in Bridgestone rubber. What more could you ask for? I’m sure the rest of the info will be sent out as the time draws near.


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