inFamous: Second Son PS4 Field Report round-up

Chris Burns - Feb 12, 2014
inFamous: Second Son PS4 Field Report round-up

The game inFamous: Second Son is coming on quick, readied for the PlayStation 4 exclusively by Sony Computer Entertainment and developed by Sucker Punch Productions. This past week a super-secret event was held in Los Angeles where a number of hardcore gaming websites were asked to come demo the newest inFamous title in-person. What we’ve done here is to collect some of the key responses to the game that we’ve found that we expect will help users gain a greater understanding of how this game will play out – and if it’ll be worth playing.

This game features a character by the name of Deslin Rowe. GamesRadar lets us know what this next character is all about: “Sometimes a despot, other times a savior, Cole exited the franchise by the close of Infamous 2, which made way for a replacement years down the line. And new protagonist Delsin Rowe feels very different from Cole.”


According to CVG, the moral factor has changed a bit as well. “Over time, inFamous has become synonymous with moral decisions, but it’s hard to tell how important they’ll be here. Taking out three soldiers will often result in the fourth surrendering.” As reflected upon by Polygon, the “dual birds” printed on the back of Delsin’s jacket represent “his karmic state”, the red bird representing evil and taking over the print when he’s evil, the white for good.


“My face was about two or three feet from the large television I played on, and being that close didn’t expose any notable graphical cracks in the game. The world seems to look as good as series developer Sucker Punch wants it to.” – Phil Owen, Kotaku


In the Game Trailers preview, it’s made plain what the two kinds of powers in this game are for. “Smoke is a little bit more about firepower… Neon is about speed and maneuverability.” Controlling Delsin is “refined” and “direct” according to IGN, reminding us that while inFamous 1 and 2 “handled great”, the way our character responds to controls here is “on another level.”

Have a peek at a few images above and below and head back to our most recent offscreen gameplay experience from earlier this year as well. This game is coming on quick – let us know if you’re up for it!

VIA: NeoGaf

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