Infamous hacker "Sabu" released with Time Served

In the year 2011, Hector "Sabu" Monsegur was arrested for his alleged hacking crimes in association with the hacker group Lulzsec – associated in turn with Anonymous. Today he's been set free by a judge after several years of collaborating with law enforcement to infiltrate and take down key members of Anonymous and Lulzsec. Sabu served a total of 7-months in a jail environment while awaiting trial in 2011.

Judge Loretta Preska suggested this week that Sabu's work as a mole has been of great assistance to the United States government. She also made clear that he's repaid his debt to society, so to speak, in helping in efforts to take down key hackers and law-breakers.

In March of 2012 it was revealed that Sabu was an informant for the government – fallout included his brother being physically assaulted and his family having to leave their New York abode. Preska suggested that for his assistance and because of the ordeal his family faced, Sabu is "entitled to a downward departure."

Prosecutors presented a motion this weekend to see that Sabu was given a minimum sentence as an "extremely valuable cooperator" in the cause to take down the organizations he once affiliated with.

VIA: Wired