Incase sells laptop sleaves in a pretty pink

Abby McVay - Jan 25, 2008

Sometimes even the most simple cases need a burst of color to make your day a little brighter. There’s something about a simple case shining in your favorite color that makes it okay that you’re toting around your laptop when you’d rather be relaxing someplace warmer.

This Incase not only comes in pink but in a tan and dark brown as well, however, neither are quite as cute as the pink. It does leave a couple of options if you aren’t a fan of pink though. The case will fit a 13” MacBook and has two other sizes that will fit a 12” laptop and another at 15” for the MacBook Pro.

The case’s exterior features durable neoprene, the interior is cushioned as always and it also has a heavy-duty zipper. All three of the sizes are being sold for $34.95.

[via popgadget]

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