In-game footage of Knights of The Old Republic using Unreal Engine looks amazing

Last month we showed you some screenshots from a fan recreation of Knights of the Old Republic. The screenshots looked pretty good, and definitely a step up from the original graphics that we saw all those years ago. However, static screenshots don't do a lot to convey how a game really looks. Well today we have in-game footage of this project.

I'll admit, when I saw the screens last month, I was a little excited, but mostly dismissive of this sort of project. Sure, they had some locations that looked good, but the Unreal Engine will make anything look good. While I could tell that it was some of the same locations, it really didn't feel like the project was far enough along for anyone to get excited about. The in-game video tells a different story.

MrMattyPlays was given an exclusive look through four of the different locations currently being worked on. All of the footage is from a pre-alpha build, so you can forgive some of the oddities here and there. Overall though, I'm impressed with how far this team has gotten. I can't just tell that these places are supposed to be from a Star Wars game, I can recognize some of these places as being a more detailed version of KOTOR locations.

The team behind Old Republic: Apeiron have a very long way to go, if they want to get this game playable. We've still not seen anything aside from visuals, which leads one to wonder how they're coming with the actual mechanics of the game. I will say that I'm much more excited, having seen the video, than I was from the screenshots last month.