In-car PC is ideal distraction from boring roads

It's been a few years since I took my driving test, and so often I find that I'm driving automatically rather than consciously having to think about using that big round wheel thing and all those flappy pedals on the floor.  That leaves a whole lot of time that, in the olden days, would've been used for picking at tuberculosis scabs or whipping wives, but nowadays just goes to waste.  If only I had a full Vista PC in my car, eh?

The somewhat ridiculously named HiPePC company specialise in taking your normal, bland car and making it into a mobile server room with the simple addition of a Pentium M Mini-ITX board, motorised double-DIN 6.5-inch touchscreen display and variety of potential voice-activation, GPS, mobile broadband and media centre upgrades.


So now, when I'm doing 70mph, I can listen to kd lang, get directions read out to me and watch downloaded episodes of Tom & Jerry, scything through driving-boredom in one fell swoop.  Sounds like a damned good way to spend $1,589 to me!

HiPePC [via Electronista]