Imgur's first native Android app goes live

Imgur has finally released its first fully native Android app, which is up now in the Google Play Store. The app was built from the ground up and aims to bring Imgur's glut of amusing content to mobile Android users in a way that hasn't thus far been fully satisfied (while there have been some Imgur Android offerings, they've largely been limited). That ends today, with Android users (most of them, anyway) now having access to a mobile offering akin to what iOS users have been enjoying for a couple months.

Back in March, Imgur pushed out a new iOS app that gave Apple device users the features Android users were hoping to get. The app allowed users to more easily browse content on the website, which is a Reddit favorite, while enjoying an improved design and tools for properly utilizing the service.

The features look to be largely the same on the Android offering, which includes the promise of simple card-based content discovery and browsing, as well as tools to create and share "visual stories" on the service. Commenting and voting are both included, too.

The content is mostly right where you expect it to be. Says Imgur, its new Android offering makes the navigation get "out of the way" so that one isn't limited. You'll need to be running Android 4.1 or higher in order to use the app, which currently sits at version

A new iOS app is also in the works.