Imation SSD Upgrade Kit breaks cover

When you install a new SSD into your computer, you have to get the data from your old drive to your new one. That can be the most challenging part of the transfer. Once you are done, it would be nice if you could use your old drive for something other than a doorstop. The new Imation SSD Upgrade Kit offers you something to do with your old drive after the transfer, but doesn't come with software or hardware for moving the data from your existing drive to the new SSD.

You could use something along the lines of the SATA Wire I talked about yesterday. What you do get with the Imation kit is a 2.5-inch M-class SSD with 10-bit ECC. The sequential read performance of the SSD is 230MB/sec and the sequential write speed is 170MB/sec.

The coolest part about the Imation upgrade kit is that you also get an external SATA enclosure for turning your old drive into an external storage solution. That is much better than having nothing to do with that old drive once your migration is done. The upgrade kit starts at $194.99.