I’m dumping my mobile data for NetZero free wireless ASAP

Chris Burns - Mar 19, 2012
I’m dumping my mobile data for NetZero free wireless ASAP

This week NetZero is re-spinning the deal that made them famous: free internet, with a few catches – and not nearly enough catches to turn me away from dropping my mobile data bill altogether. When I head out of the house and pick up my smartphone, I check my email, reply to text messages, maybe make a call, and thats it. I find the cost of wireless data appalling, monthly bills reaching nearly $100 across an average family of four’s multiple smart devices – so why not drop it all entirely for NetZero’s new free wireless plan?

The plan goes like this: buy either a $50 antenna stick that’ll plug into your laptop or a $100 mobile hotspot that’ll travel with you wirelessly for any and all wifi-capable devices you might have on you. These devices bring you free internet – free and clear, no cost at all – but there’s a catch. You can only use 200 megabytes of data a month.

That’s less than AOL was giving out on their “TRY THE WEB FOR FREE” disks over 10 years ago. I remember going over that amount of data in a day, no trouble! So why would I even think of trying such a fool’s errand again?

The way we use the web has changed. The way I use the web has changed. Some mobile-minded ladies and gentlemen have a need to be connected to vast amounts of data every day whilst on the run – I’m generally sitting still when I need anything more than an email.

What do you think? Could you get by with 200 megabytes a month if it meant you no longer had to drop $60+ a month on mobile data?

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