iLuv iMM190 App Station iPhone speaker dock ships

You might recall back at CES I mentioned iLuv had unveiled a new speaker dock for the iPhone called the App Station. At the time, iLuv was going to ship the device in February for about $129. February came and went without the device hitting the market.

iLuv has now announced that the iMM190 App Station is shipping for iPhone and iPod touch users. The device is a speaker dock that is app driven. A free companion app can be installed on the iPhone to allow the App Station to be used as an alarm clock.

The app also shows weather conditions as well. The dock allows access to the media collection stored on the iPhone and works for watching movies or VoIP as well. The best news is that the price for the App Station has been cut to $89.99. That $40 discount makes the extra wait for the device worth it. The device is available right now.