Illuminated stress ball

Ever feel the urge to take out your aggressions on your lamp by bending it all different directions? Ok, well me neither. Actually, the lamp is made to bend and twist so that you can form it to fit your personal style. If it were sitting anywhere near my desk, I'm pretty sure it would turn into my new stress ball.

The lamp comes in three different colors, white, green and some strange shade of orange. It is made from silicone and is damage resistant, not damage proof. They do however say that it can handle plenty mistreatment. This makes it sound great for any small child's bedroom, especially since they can bend it themselves and won't break it. Although, every time I look at it reminds of those crazy lamps us girls used to buy for our college dorm room. However ours weren't $84.00, unlike this little guy.

Twist and shape [via Popgadget]