iKit NuCharge for iPhone 5 Review

Chris Burns - Mar 21, 2013
iKit NuCharge for iPhone 5 Review

This week the iKit NuCharge iPhone 5 replaceable battery pack case (complete with Lightning connector) will reach its final few days of stay on Kickstarter – so we thought we’d have a go at working with one for your full preview! What you’re seeing here is the first iPhone 5 case that also works with an interchangeable 1900 mAh battery pack. It comes in a variety of colors (eventually) and offers unobstructed view of your camera, microphone, and speakers as well.

You’ll be able to work with a clear or tinted case base – that’s the part that clamps around your iPhone 5. Then you’ve got the option of working with a white or black battery pack OR any of a variety of Pantone-colored case covers. This case cover sits on the back of the case while you’re not using the battery, if you like: we’ve opted to keep the battery connected on-the-go.


The Lightning connector is made with some rather excellent and durable TPE material, being just long enough to fit down into the iPhone 5 without being obtrusive. The battery pack itself is recharged the same way you’d charge any of a number of non-Apple mobile products: with a simple microUSB cord (also included in the pack.)


Since the case bit of this amalgamation does not obstruct our view or use of any of the buttons or ports on the iPhone itself, it certainly gets a thumbs up from us there. As far as the battery itself goes – it works exactly as you’d expect it to. Charge it up, leave it on the back of your iPhone or in your pocket, and connect it when you need it.


BONUS: There’s a kickstand built-in to the battery pack. This kickstand will be a reinforced aluminum in the final model (ours is an early edition), and you’ll find a full list of changes and improvements pre-release right over at the Kickstarter page itself.


With an additional 1900 mAh of battery power at your disposal you’ll have a tough time not getting through the day with your iPhone 5 on the power you’ve got immediately handy. This case starts at a $59 price point if you’re over at Kickstater before the end of the crowdfunding venture, and final case shipments start in early April.

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