IKEA x ASUS ROG gaming gear ready for USA release date

The full IKEA x ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) gaming product line is finally ready for a release date in October of 2021. This collection of accessories, lighting, and furniture was partially revealed earlier this year with a February preview, including everything from desks to LED strips to mouse USB bungee and a wooden hand to hold your headphones. Products will launch a variety of named families, each a part of the gaming accessory and furniture universe.

One unit in the IKEA UPPSPEL collection is a pegboard that comes in at a size of 76 x 56 CM and includes a limited set of attachments to hold your gaming gear up while not in use. There's also an UPPSPEL combination glass-door cabinet/pegboard that'll be sold with 2 accessory sets (and you'll very likely be able to buy more accessory holder sets separate, too.)

In all, the UPPSPEL set has the drawer unit on castors, Pegboard, cabinet with pegboard, CPU stand with castors, and a few posters. There's also an UPPSPEL storage unit on wheels that'll likely cost under $200. That's the impression we got back when we only knew the prices in yuan, courtesy of IKEA Japan's launch.

There's a $35 ring lamp with phone holder in the LÅNESPELARE line, and LÅNESPELARE neck pillows and multi-functional cushion/blanket combos. LÅNESPELARE also includes several sizes of gaming mouse pad and a combination mug and mug holder. LÅNESPELARE also includes the wooden hand (accessories stand) and a headset stand.

Most or all of these items will be released to IKEA stores in the month of October, 2021. They'll have prices that range from less than $10 to a few hundred dollars (if you count IKEA's gaming desks). Now we get to see if anyone notices that IKEA put two of the same posters in the same setup in the preview image above – and whether they'll do the same thing when it comes time to display furniture in physical IKEA stores throughout the USA.