IKEA and LEGO make BYGGLEK, a match made in modular heaven

LEGO and IKEA just announced that they've partnered up to create a line of LEGO-compatible storage and display boxes called BYGGLEK. The initial product will be "a series of storage boxes with LEGO studs and a special LEGO brick set." The most surprising part of this collaboration is that it wasn't done a whole lot sooner.

Another interesting bit is the description that comes from LEGO. "Where adults often have a need to create structure and organize, children see a stimulating and creative environment in which they naturally want to play, pause and then replay."

There'll be 4 different products in the BYGGLEK range, for starters. One is a set of 3 small boxes, there'll be two sets of "bigger boxes", and there'll be "one set of LEGO bricks to kick-start the playful experience."

To be EXTRA clear here, BYGGLEK "can be used with any existing and future LEGO elements, as the studs used on the lid and front are part of the LEGO system in play." We do not yet know the prices of the various sets – but we will soon!

LEGO revealed that IKEA would sell BYGGLEK products in existing IKEA retail channels throughout Europe (except Russia) as well as North America starting on October 1. More locations will see BYGGLEK later in the year 2020.

NOTE: Also interesting is the studies LEGO cited in their release for this BYGGLEK system. They checked the "IKEA Play Report", finding that 47% of the kids they interviewed "said that they want more playtime with their parents." A 2020 LEGO Play Well Study cited in the release suggested that 1 in 2 parents "worry about their child making a mess when playing and feel a compulsion to tidy up around their kids even while their child is still playing", but also suggested that 8 in 10 parents "admitted messy play makes children feel free and helps develop their creativity."