iHouse SmartFaucet with face recognition & email

We're told that water and electronics don't mix, but word obviously hasn't made it to iHouse.  The company has been demonstrating their SmartFaucet, a touchscreen-enabled tap that also includes a camera for face-recognition.  If you've ever wanted to check your email and calendar from your bathroom sink, here's the faucet for you.Video demo after the cut

The SmartFaucet heats up the water itself, using an internal heating coil, and because of that has far greater control over temperature than normal mixer taps.  It also means it can use face-recognition to recall your family's temperature and flow presets, leaving your hands free to load up GMail

Meanwhile LEDs in the spout light up to show water temperature, ranging from cold blue to skin-scalding red.  Unsurprisingly there's no word on price, but we're expecting this to be possibly the most expensive faucet around.

[via Born Rich]