Ignore No More app forces you to call your mother

Oh great. There's an app out there this week made by Mountaineer Technology Ventures called "Ignore No More." This app is made by these maniacs to install on two separate devices – one for the parent, the other for the child. When the child refuses to return messages or calls to the parent, the parent can lock down their child's phone remotely, requiring a call to unlock.

It's entirely devious, but very likely to be effective. At first, at least. This week CBS New York had a chat with the creator of this app this week. She's a mom, believe it or not, and she created this app specifically for her own children.

You can purchase this app too, of course – if it works, sell it! One account is needed per family, with both parent and child accounts able to be activated through the first download. The app itself suggests that you'll be paying $1.99 "per phone" – confusing, but assuming you've got several phones on the same Google account, you'll be good to go.

You control your child's entire digital life by holding on to their passwords and logging in to their accounts throughout the day anyway, right?

The creators of this app suggest that it "cannot be disabled" and that it is "virtually impossible to be removed by your child."

Thus far user reviews are strikingly negative, with complaints mostly noting how the app simply does not work.

"Disappointing Won't work on my family's galaxy 3s. Would like a refund, but I don't see that happening." – Heather J

"Does not work Tried to lock my son's phone three times and it never would lock. He has a Samsung galaxy s4 active." – N.Jones

"It's a good concept, but should list phones that it works with. My daughters m8 doesn't have ICE so I couldn't list myself as an emergency contact. Makes the App useless." T.Blade

If you plan on using this app yourself, be forewarned: it doesn't work for everyone. Make certain your device works with "ICE" before activating, then use at your own risk.