IFTTT Android release today: recipes initiated

Today the Android version of IFTTT, aka If This Then That will be released to the public. In Beta form for some weeks, this app has been released on iOS devices since last year. This version of the app will be working in a manner very, very similar to that of the iOS version of the app, recipes and all.

At this very moment you'll find 37 total Android-based recipes available through the IFTTT recipe browsing station. This number should explode now that the app is out officially, not just in Beta form.

To find recipes for Android device on IFTTT, one has only to add the Filter Android Device bit to your IFTTT directory search page. From there you can change to all, Triggers, Actions, and sort by Trending, New, and All Time.

The Android app – at the time of this article's publication – is not yet live in the Google Play app store. You'll be able to search for the word "IFTTT" without quotation marks later today, and we'll be tapping the refresh button right along with you!

Let us know what recipes you're cooking up, and stick around SlashGear's IFTTT tag portal as well!