iFixit shows off clear back panel for iPhone 4

Shane McGlaun - Apr 27, 2011
iFixit shows off clear back panel for iPhone 4

I really like my gear to look different from the other stuff that my friends have. I can appreciate the cool factor that comes with being able to see what gear looks like on the inside, yet covered leaving it protected with some sort of clear plastic. This is the reason that many gamers buy cases for computers with windows in the side. It’s cool to see the hardware that makes things operate.

iFixit is mostly know for tearing up gadgets that we would all like to own just to see what’s inside. The latest teardown came just this morning when they ripped the Nikon D5100 DSLR apart. The company has in the past ripped apart every iPhone model that has been made too. That means that if you want to pick up this cool clear back panel for the iPhone 4 that iFixit offers you can get the instructions for installing it from the site as well.

The clear back case for the iPhone 4 is cheap at $29.95. It fits the GSM AT&T version of the iPhone only and is product code IF182-021-1. I wonder if they will have one for the Verizon iPhone 4 in the future. I would like to have an iPhone 4 that is clear all around, not just on the back panel. You can order one of these covers right now if you are comfortable with voiding warranties.

[via iFixit]

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