IFA 2007 – Sunload solar-panel equipped bags caught on video

Chris Davies - Sep 1, 2007

It’s the job of fate to make sure that, when you really need to call someone, your cellphone battery has died.  The people at Sunload obviously got fed up of this, and have stuck a triumphant two fingers up at fate with their solar-panel equipped bags.  Vincent caught up with them at IFA 2007 and got a tour of the latest range; check out the exclusive SlashGear video after the cut.

Sunload solar-panel bag

Sunload use a flexible solar-panel that can be stitched to a fabric bag – they offer messenger bags, business bags or even a leather briefcase – and an indecently clever rechargeable battery pack with two inputs (for multiple solar panels) and three outputs (various adaptors are supplied).  It also has a built-in charger for rechargeable AA and AAA batteries, and you can charge the whole thing up via the mains if the sun isn’t being cooperative.

Sunload bags

Sunload will also sell you the different components separately if you’re interested in making your own solar-powered bag or maybe even a solar trench-coat.  The bag range starts at around €479 ($654).

Sunload bags

Sunload solar-panel bags


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