If this rumored Pixel 5 price is real, are you buying?

The next Google Pixel is rumored to roll with a premium tier, a device series with an "Ultra" Pixel of sorts. Details revealed by a real-deal Google survey suggest they're looking into pricing a Google Pixel smartphone well above what they've charged in the past. While it's possible they could just be raising prices for no good reason, it's far more likely that they're considering a whole new sort of premium product.

The Google Survey asked which of two devices a person would be more likely to buy. One option was a Google Pixel Phone, the other was a Premium Google Pixel Phone. The lesser of the two would cost $349 USD or $14.54 per month, while the premium version would start at $699, or around $29 a month. The survey bit comes from a screenshot snapped by a Reddit user Pop-Quiz_Kid. You might be able to see the same question appear if you're using Google Opinion Rewards this week.

In the survey question – from Google – the regular Google Pixel was described as a "radically helpful phone from Google." This device would have a "durable plastic body" and a 3.5mm headphone jack. That's basically what you get from the Google Pixel 3a right this minute, mind you. Except the Google Pixel 3a costs around $50 more than what Google's suggesting here.

The more expensive device would be a Premium Google Pixel. This device would be "the best flagship Google phone" and it'd have "first access to the latest Google features and innovation." This device would have a "best in class camera" as well as wireless charging and "water resistance."

The kicker here is not that the more expensive Google Pixel would cost around $700, but that this price is actually lower than that of the current Pixel. The Pixel 4, in the Google Store right now, will cost your average user $800 or $900, depending on if it's a Google Pixel 4 or a Google Pixel 4 XL.

Now, I don't know about you, but getting the "Pixel camera" experience in a phone that costs $800 or $700 compared to a device with basically that same Pixel camera experience for $350 isn't even a question. If my goal is getting that camera, I'll go as low as possible.

But if I want to most extravagant Google Pixel device – then what? I don't know that I'd be willing to pay $900 for any phone here in 2020, especially as we transition to the age of 5G connectivity. Who knows what's going to happen next when it comes to 5G coverage where I live? I'd rather buy something that's inexpensive enough that I don't mind switching in a year or two.