If Jaba lived on Hoth, he would rock the Han Solo carbonite ice tray

When I look at this Han Solo carbonite silicone ice tray I can't help but wonder why. Why do I not have one of these. Put some grape juice or other dark juice in this and you could have your own carbonite solo floating in your punch bowl. This would be perfect for your punch bowl during your Star Wars Blu-ray viewing party.

The tray has space for six little cubes and one larger cube of ice. I can only assume that large cube is for a punch bowl, or a really, really big glass. The tray comes by way of a Japanese company called Kotobukiya. You can order the tray up right now and it is even on sale.

The tray goes for $13.50 and if you want a different style, you can also get R2-D2 trays too. These are the ice trays you are looking for. If they only had a Death Star punch bowl to go with these it would make for the perfect geek party.