Star Wars Blu-Ray Films Get Tweaks And New Surprises

One of the things I am looking forward to is the launch of the Star Wars franchise on Blu-ray. I am really looking forward to the 1080p resolution for checking out my favorite sci-fi movies on my projector screen. We all know that back before the three newer films hit theaters George Lucas went back and tweaked the original films to update them for new audiences. The original films also got some new content that wasn't there the first time around when I was a kid.

With the franchise coming to Blu-ray, apparently the new discs are getting some tweaks of their own. Some of the tweaks will be subtle with things like better visuals, removing things like the puppeteers arms in some scenes and other things. Some of the changes might not be so subtle though. Apparently, Lucas has added some surprises to the new films.

What those surprises might be is unknown at this time. However, reports are claim that there will be new things to notice in the films on Blu-ray. For instance, the hairy-eared puppet that was Yoda in the original films will be all computer generated now. There will be other things too. Considering the tweaks the original films received, I am sure fans will be pouring over the new discs when they launch on September 16 to find out.

[via SlashFilm]