IDTI 21.5-inch Full HD touchscreen display for $300

Touchscreen displays are slowly making their way into the home, accelerated since Microsoft stepped up their touch functionality in Windows 7, but they're still expensive.  IDTI reckon they have a low-cost alternative, however; their 21.5-inch display responds to pen input and two-point multitouch thanks to a proprietary touch technology, but best of all they're expecting to launch it with a $300 price tag.Video demo after the cut

The IDTI screen is capable of displaying Full HD resolution video, and the digitizer technology doesn't impair image quality like you'd find with a resistive touchscreen layer.  It also allows you to rest your palm on the screen without it being recognized as a rogue touch, something previously you'd required a Wacom-style active digitizer to do.

Now, in this video from CeBIT 2010, Charbax seems to think that the display includes PC components like some of the all-in-one desktops we've seen lately, but according to IDTI's site it's a standalone display only.  $300 would be too cheap for a Full HD capable desktop, frankly, but it's still reasonable for a screen on its own.