IDT claims wireless device charging time in half

Get the charging of your iPhone done in half the time you'd normally have had to wait with IDT Wireless Power's new single-chip system! That's what the group is touting this week, as they make charging your devices wirelessly one whole heck of a lot more efficient with their new wireless power transmitters and receivers, complete with 80% reduction in board size compared to their previous models. This technology will be applied to wireless chargers in the near future – for now we've only to sit back and appreciate the efficiency and awesomeness of this tech which will work for mobile phones, tablets, MIDs, cameras, MP3 players, GPS devices, and any other battery operated mobile device.

Inside what IDT is presenting this week is an impressive set of statistics, for starters, with 50% cost savings, 67% reduction in component count, and an "industry leading 73%+ total system efficiency, all of this over their previous model solutions. This technology will have you most likely wrapping your device in a special charging case then laying it down on a compatible pad which will then push power to the device without the use of wires. At the moment this tech is able to output up to 7.5W of power to your tiny mobile devices and tablets.

This could be a big jump in the technology surrounding batteries as they sit in mobile devices on the daily – this being fantastic as the battery industry moves are a snail's pace compared to the technology it powers. Have a peek back at a few battery posts we've done over the past few months and see what I mean. It appears as though the only way we're going to get more life out our devices is to upgrade everything other than the battery itself – whatever works!

[via IDT]