IDC: iOS and Android on 85% of shipped smartphones

It shouldn't come as any surprise to see iOS and Android dominating the mobile landscape, but new information from IDC confirms that to be the case. Both iOS and Android now account for 85% of smartphones shipped during the second quarter of 2012. Android is said to have around 68.1% market share, up from 46.9% in 2011, while iOS sits at 16.9%. All in all, around 154 million smartphones were shipped during the quarter.

RIM and Nokia both suffered huge slides in the wake of iOS and Android. BlackBerry OS now holds 4.8% of the market, down from 11.5% last year, with RIM shipping only 7.4 million handsets during Q2. Symbian has also taken a massive beating, falling to 4.4% from 16.9%. Windows Phone has gained some market share, but it's a small victory.

Last year Microsoft sat at around 2.3% and has managed to climb to 3.5%, no doubt with the help of Nokia. Around 5.4 million Windows Phones were shipped in the second quarter. Meanwhile, Linux and "other" devices bring up the rear with 2.3% and 0.1% of the market respectively.

The large Android share is largely attributed to Samsung, with the company accounting for 44% of all Android smartphones shipped in the second quarter. More surprisingly, Samsung's shipments were more than seven other Android vendors' volumes combined. The iPhone continued to see strong shipments, but growth has stalled thanks to the rumors of the next model being announced shortly. Meanwhile, Symbian saw a massive decline thanks to Nokia's switch to Windows Phone, with BlackBerry tumbling because, well, it's BlackBerry.

[via The Next Web]