IDAPT i2 and i3 Universal Chargers

Universal chargers usually look like complicated octopus creatures, with multiple proprietary tips dangling off a cluster of cables, or maybe a single box and a bag of easy-to-lose adapters, but IDAPT's solution is bit more sturdy.  Saying that, the i2 and i3 Universal Chargers also require a bit more room, being intended for table-top rather than travel use.  Interchangeable plugs slot into the base plate, letting you centralise your commonly-used gadgets.

As you might expect, the IDAPT i2 has room for two devices, while the IDAPT i3 can accommodate three at a time.  According to the manufacturer, there are tips for all manner of electronics: mobile phones, MP3 players, digital cameras, game consoles, PDAs, GPS and Bluetooth headsets.  Each can rotate, and there's a nice big power switch on the back to save wasting power.

 The IDAPT i2 is priced at €34.95 ($45) while the IDAPT i3 comes in at €49.95 ($64); both include four tips of your choice.  Individual tips are priced at €7.99 ($10) each, and IDAPT is claiming that they'll keep up to date with new adapters.

[via iTechNewsNet]