iControlPad for iPhone in production; release imminent

It's been a few months since we last heard anything regarding the iControlPad joystick-controller accessory for the iPhone and iPod touch, but according to the project site things have been progressing well.  As of earlier this month, mass production of the controller began, complete with two different versions.Video demo after the cut

The basic iControlPad will be a simple sleeve into which the iPhone slots.  It will have a D-pad plus two analog joysticks, four control buttons and two function keys (Start and Select).  As for the second model, that will also squeeze in a battery which can be used to recharge the iPhone/iPod touch rather than drain the device's own power during gaming.

Still no word on pricing, nor exact release dates, but the iControlPad team are suggested people sign up to their newsletter for information.  Supplies of the initial batch will be limited, and we're expecting this to sell like the proverbial hot-cakes.

[via Twitter]