iCoffee concept takes Nespresso mobile

Making coffee on the move generally means a thermos flask, an AeroPress, Handpresso or MyPressi Twist, but not if designer Gerda Hopfgartner has her way.  We'll forgive her iCoffee concept for the tired Apple-knock-off name seeing as it's a way to make up to four cups of fresh coffee when you don't have access to a power socket, water or a stove.

Inside, a rechargeable battery would head up the water and then push it through a Nespresso pre-packaged coffee pod.  That makes for minimal mess, and you can either fill the integrated water tank before you leave the house or detach it mid-journey should you come across a water supply.

Unfortunately, despite seemingly being designed back in 2007, nobody has leapt onto Hopfgartner's concept and turned it into a real product.  For shame, Nespresso licensees, for shame!

[via UberGizmo]