iCloud Brings New Photo Stream Feature

The iCloud is not only usurping MobileMe and sounding really awesome at this point, it's also introducing a new Photo Stream feature that will bring your photos to the cloud. Right now, when you take a picture with your iPhone, its difficult to transfer it over to your iPad without first syncing to your desktop iTunes. Well, that's all going to change.

The new Photo Stream feature to come with the iCloud will allow you to take photos and then upload your camera roll to the cloud so that it can then be downloaded to all of your other i-devices. You can import photos that you've taken as well as ones that other people have taken.

Photo Stream will be very intuitive to use and is built into iPhoto on Macs and into Apple TV as well as into the Pictures folder on PCs.

However, to deal with storage problems, since photos can take up quite a lot of space, the feature will only store the last 1000 photos on your mobile i-device. But for desktop Macs and PCs, all photos will be stored. And in the cloud, the photos will be stored for only 30 days.