iBluetooth file transfer for iPhone: Video Demo

An app called iBluetooth is promising to open up the iPhone and iPhone 3G to Bluetooth file transfers.  Not yet released, iBluetooth will apparently support file exchange between both the Apple smartphone and computers, as well as other cellphones.  In their video demo, the team behind iBluetooth show an iPhone running the app sending and receiving between a Mac and a Sony Ericsson handset.Demo video after the cut

The iPhone's Bluetooth has been a regular point of complaint since the smartphone's first launch, with Apple limiting functionality to hands-free and headset use.  It's unclear what the company's justification for the Bluetooth crippling is, but it has prompted a number of third-party projects intending to unlock the short-range wireless connectivity.  Of applications in the Bluetooth stack, the most commonly requested are A2DP wireless stereo support and file transfers.

There appears to be controversy over who is responsible for some of the code used in iBluetooth, with two separate apps promised for eventual release.  Neither will be free, either, and both will likely require a Jailbroken iPhone.

[via Generation MP3]