iAd Trademark Cost Apple Over $1m Tip Asset Managers

Back when Apple announced their iAd mobile advertizing service in July, the company was subsequently hit with a trademark suit for the name.  Now, it seems, Apple may have paid in excess of $1m, according to a hastily-pulled report by IP asset management firm Consor.  CNET spotted the headline "iAds, a 7-figure settlement from Apple Computer in a trademark infringement case" but, when Consor was asked about the details, the company first claimed the report didn't exist and then protested it "wasn't accurate".

"Apple Pays Large Settlement to Innovate Media in Trademark Infringement Case

Innovate Media, a small but long established tech company, had been using the trademark "iAds" in interstate commerce since 2006. Imagine their surprise earlier this year when Steve Jobs announced Apple's new advertising platform for the iPhone called "iAd." Naturally, Innovate Media filed a trademark infringement suit. The comprehensive confusion analysis and quantification of economic damages performed by CONSOR were instrumental to Innovate Media reaching a highly favorable settlement with Apple." Consor report

If the "7-figure settlement" suggestion is accurate, it seems Apple were forced to pay up a particularly large amount having already publicly committed to the iAd name.  For its part, Apple has not yet commented, and Consor is refusing to say more.

[via Apple Insider]