I Can't Wait to See the Wii 2

At the E3 gaming expo later this year, Nintendo will take the stage and finally unveil its long-rumored (and much-needed) Wii successor. Over the last couple weeks, we've been hearing quite a bit about the device, including the possibility of it coming with more powerful specs than the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Rumors also suggest that a new controller is in the works that could feature a 6-inch display.

Exactly what the device will actually deliver when it's released next year is anyone's guess. But it wouldn't surprise me to see the aforementioned, more powerful platform and unique controller. After all, that's what Nintendo will need to offer in order to be successful.

Since I first started hearing rumors about Nintendo's upcoming console, I've been excited. I see the device as a fresh new start for my relationship with Nintendo. And if the console offers the features that the latest rumors suggest it will, it might just be my favorite console yet — a feat that the Wii was never able to reach in my home since it first came through the front door.

I don't like my Wii. In fact, after not playing it for several months, I disconnected the platform and left it in my closet; it has sat there ever since.

My main issue with the Wii is actually quite simple: I don't like motion gaming. I've found that throwing my hands around to play a video game is tiresome and best for a party. When I'm alone or with another person, I want to sit down on the couch, hold a controller in my hand, and play through a title. Call me old school, but that experience, which is delivered by both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, is far more appealing.

I should note that I have one other issue with the Wii: there are far too few games available for the platform that I would even consider playing. I do enjoy Nintendo's first-party games, but other than that, I've been generally disappointed with what I've found on the platform. The Wii's audience is made up of casual players looking for casual games. And developers have been delivering that. I, on the other hand, want more "hardcore" experiences. And so far, the best hardcore games have been released on the the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

So, I'm excited to see what Nintendo has up its sleeve. For too long, I've been looking at the company's gaming strategy and wondered what it's thinking. And its investors, who have watched its revenue and profit figures decline over the last year have probably been wondering the same thing.

If Nintendo is smart, the company's next console will acknowledge and accommodate casual players, but not rely so heavily on them. Instead, this upcoming platform should be the device that people like me have been waiting for, boasting high-end specs and high-end gaming experiences.

Enough with the Wii-like gaming, Nintendo. We're looking for something truly groundbreaking.