i-Buddie netbook Android hack [Video]

Google have never been shy when it comes to their plans with Android, and consumers should prepare to see it on more than just cellphone screens.  The next big market for the open-source platform looks to be the netbook; over at NetbookNews they've been playing with an i-Buddie Atom N270-based netbook running the latest build of Android.Video demo after the cut

Some are predicting 2009 to be the year of the Android netbook, with ODM manufacturers already preparing to begin producing hardware while Intel themselves are said to be quietly scaling up their support for the platform.  Several of the mainstream names in the netbook industry have also admitted to experimenting with Android, although no firm release dates have been made public.

Right now, though, it doesn't look like Android and netbooks are a combination ready for primetime.  The video shows multiple error messages, likely a result of the OS lacking support for the i-Buddie's hardware, and of course it's still formatted for a smartphone screen a third of the size.

[via Android Community]