HzO's nanocoating process, our hands-on from the inside out

We've all been there. Drop your mobile device in water, or spill something on it, and panic sets in. We drop it in rice, hoping the old wives' tales prove true just this one time. All too often, they don't, and we're left with another out-of-pocket mobile expense, and cursing our luck. Rather than encompass your device in some bulky case, HzO wants to protect it from the inside out.

We've come across several waterproofing schemes before, which coat the phone in a sleek coating that adds virtually no bulk. We've also been able to detect that coating with our hands, which can compromise your enjoyment of your mobile device. HzO takes a wholly different approach, and instead coats the guts of your device, not the outside. With a special nanometer coating, HzO protects everything that makes your phone go without you even noticing.

HzO was kind enough to show us a few devices with their coating here at CES, and it's interesting. In inspecting devices, there was nothing detectable on the outside. When submersed, the initial reaction is fear, as we think the device will short out. Instead, HzO left several devices in water for several minutes while they chatted with us and we looked on in horror.

Could it be a ruse? Nope. HzO also had a working Raspberry Pi in water, proving their method true. Unavailable for consumers, HzO works directly with OEMs to coat the products. If manuvacturers implement this type of coating — and they should — it could be the end to our persistent fear of water.