Hyundai releases three of its five Super Bowl commercials

Brittany A. Roston - Jan 29, 2013, 1:41am CST
Hyundai releases three of its five Super Bowl commercials

Hyundai has five commercials planned for the Super Bowl, two of which it has just published on YouTube for all to enjoy, one that has already aired, and one that we probably won’t see until Sunday. The two commercials that have been released are titled Stuck and Excited, the first of which is laugh-worthy. You can check out both videos after the jump.

The first commercial, Stuck, features a series of unpleasant things you can get stuck behind while in a car, including horse butts and dripping toxic waste. Featured is the Sonata Turbo, and the message conveyed is that you need its passing-power to get away from all the gross, inconvenient, and smelly things the road has to offer.

The second commercial, Excited, is one of those you’ll-love-it-or-hate-it deals, with a shouting narrator and Hyundai Genesis zipping about. The commercial is styled as race commentary, and features slides comparing aspects of the vehicle to other cars, including the BMW 550i and Porsche Panamera S. Not as funny, but a tad more informative.

One of two commercials still unseen by the public eye is “Epic PlayDate”, showcasing the all-new Hyundai Santa Fe. The other goes by the name “Team” and should be particularly engaging, also making use of the Santa Fe. This advertisement will be rolling out with what the group calls a “pint-sized ode to the action movie genre.” This spot will show a boy recruiting a “dream team” to take on neighborhood troublemakers, turning the tables on those who would otherwise oppress. This advertisement once again uses the seven-passenger Santa Fe to bring the team in for the challenge.

The fifth and final one is titled Don’t Tell, and it has already aired on television, featuring a variety of individuals engaging in precarious activities while shouting “Don’t tell mom!” Have a peek at this spot above and make sure you tune in to SlashGear during the Super Bowl to see the rest – and of course feel free to tune in to the Super Bowl itself if you do so desire!

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