Hyundai and Kia plan Android-based navigation systems for cars

Automotive manufacturers are rushing to include more and more technology inside vehicles to help keep drivers connected and going in the right direction. While some criticized modern vehicle infotainment systems as being a distraction, it's not stopping automotive manufacturers from cramming more and more tech inside the vehicles. Hyundai and Kia have announced that they intend to be the world's first automakers to use Android-based navigation systems in future models.

The companies could have these Android-based navigation systems in their vehicles by the end of the year. That's not very far away, so they'll have to hurry to hit that goal. Some automotive manufacturers are currently integrating features that revolve around iOS, such as Siri Eyes Free. The Siri Eyes Free technology is already being used by some automakers such as Chevrolet. Honda and Acura announced in January that their automobiles would take advantage of Siri Eyes Free tech.

Hyundai and Kia have said that their Android-based navigation systems will be available preinstalled or could be added as an upgrade option after purchase. The Android AVN, or audio video navigation, system details are unavailable at this point. The system is expected to allow users to connect their Android devices to the car to provide access to applications and entertainment features.

The system is also tipped to have its own app store, but it's unclear if that will be Google Play or something the automakers themselves are cooking up. The system will also allow users to control the car remotely over Wi-Fi. Exactly what drivers will be able to control is unclear, but odds are it will give control over things such as temperature settings. Hyundai and Kia haven't confirmed which models will get the new Android AVN system, but rumors suggested will be seen first with the new Hyundai Genesis and Kia Soul set to launch later this year.

SOURCE: Android Community