Hynix 7GHz GDDR 5 Video RAM

Memory manufacturer Hynix have announced the world's first high-speed GDDR 5 RAM capable of running at 7GHz.  The video memory is over a third faster than existing 4.5GHz video RAM, and will initially be available in 54nm 1Gb chips.  It's capable of processing up to 28 gigabytes of data per second.


Despite the speed, the new RAM is also frugal in its power demands too.  It requires just 1.35V, which should make for a more straightforward upgrade for those using performance-intensive hardware such as video processing, gaming or media editing.

Hynix claim the new, high-speed RAM will go into volume production in the first half of 2009.  No pricing suggestions have been made, but it's unlikely to be a bargain buy.

[via Reg Hardware]