HydroDrive washing machine uses efficiency tech to make laundry a 12 minute activity

Technology makes navigation, entertainment, finance, and all sorts of other matters easier, and has found its way into the household in a variety of ways, a la the Roomba vacuum. Laundry is another regular activity, and while no longer taking as long as it did in pre-washing machine days, is still time consuming. The HydroDrive has tackled this issue, and offers a cycle that takes only 12 minutes.

The idea behind the HydroDrive washing machine seems to be efficiency, which it has in spades. The machine uses both less water and less energy than machines with Hydro Drive technology, with the water consumption being rated at 15-percent less and the energy usage at 50-percent lower. The efficiency naturally translates into more efficient wash cycles overall, hence the short washing cycle.

The 12 minute cycle is the fastest of them all, and is intended for "lightly soiled" clothing, meaning washing work clothes and other fabrics that don't undergo rigor (such as gym clothes) don't need to spend 30 – 60 unnecessary minutes spinning in a machine. Beyond this, Servis, the company behind the washing machine, has added all sorts of tech into the mix that makes the overall laundry process more efficient and controllable.

The HyrdroDrive — which can hit speeds up to 1400 RPMs — has an LED control panel on the front that allows for user configuration. Temperature, speed, and other details are shown on the display, and allows washing cycles to be delayed for up to 23 hours. The delay allows one to start the cycle so that it will finish at a time when someone is home to move the clothes into the dryer.

VIA: Digital Trends