iRobot Roomba 800 Series vacuum introduced with AeroForce

iRobot has introduced its latest Roomba vacuum, the Roomba 800 Series. With this latest iteration of the cordless, self-operating vacuum, the company has elected to get rid of bristles in favor of AeroForce technology, which is said to pick up 50-percent more dirt and other trappings than previous Roomba models. There are two rotors in place, each made of rubber with treads, that spins to break up and grab debris. We've got a video of the system in action after the jump.

With the new design, iRobot says jams and hair clogs are nearly impossible, and that overall cleaning is greatly improved over previous models. Particles — such as allergens — are trapped in an air filter, keeping them from being dispersed around the room, while the angle of the rubber treads and the system's design both allows for maximum debris churning and optimal suction on the floor's surface.

Aside from the changes made to the 800 Series, it largely works the same way you'd expect, with the vacuum offering the press-to-clean-button in the center. Owners can schedule cleaning times for when they're not home, and a combination of software and sensors allows it to travel around a room without sucking up stray wires or falling down stairs. When finished, the vacuum returns to its cradle.

Said Roomba 800 Product Manager Max Makeev: "With the Roomba 800 Series, we developed a highly efficient cleaning system that will revolutionize robotic vacuuming. From the air flow accelerator to the high efficiency vacuum, everything about AeroForce was designed to multiply and maximize cleaning performance. In fact, the Roomba 800 Series has a 5x more powerful vacuum that removes up to 50-percent more dirt, debris, hair, and harmful allergens than previous Roomba models."